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Here at Websites For Traders we have have various bespoke packages to suit your needs. Whether you want 20 pages or 1, whether you want to be found on Google or not. 

If you ever hear the term SEO it means (search engine optimisation). It basically means developing a website to get found on search engines (Google). We input the details of your selected keywords into the website to aid it to be found in the search engines. Please note, we cannot guarantee placements on Google as this is not an exact science. If it was everyone would be doing it.

Responsive Web Design

Over 56% of people now access the web from mobile or tablet devices. You would expect the experience to be similar to what you see on desktop. What’s more, if your site isn’t designed correctly Google will actually penalise you for this.

Our mobile-friendly approach to web design can help your website provide a better experience across all devices, without the need for separate mobile, tablet and desktop websites. Our team can design and develop your website to meet your requirements while keeping it mobile-friendly.



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What we do

Most traders don’t have time to build a website as their busy building, repairing, installing and generally working with the hands god gave them. Building a website is time consuming but essential and this is why Website For Traders wants to help you.


We build the website you want. Not websites from off the shelf but bespoke websites that have been thought out and created with your colours, images and branding.

Our Aim

Out overall aim is to get you more business online. To do this we will help you build an online brand where your work can be seen by everyone.


We can build a website for you and ‘hand you the keys’ or we can be here to support and carry on building your brand online through social media and your website

Social media

Obviously social media is important to your business. Well…you’d think so, but surprisingly not all business have a presence on social. If you don’t you are 100% missing out on  A LOT of work!


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