Get to page one on Google

We will always aim to get your website and pages to rank highly on Google. Why would we design a beautiful site showing all your hard work and not try and get it to page one!

If you think you can make a website, leave it, do no updates, no advertising on social and expect to be on page one for your chosen keywork i.e. plumber Ealing, then you are very much mistaken I’m afraid.

It can take 3 – 6 months for Google to recognise a well structured site. But once it’s there it can stay there for years. That’s with the right updates and traffic to the site.

See what our clients say

Page 1 Google Ranking

Within 3 months Heywood Heating went from page 3 to page 1.

With constant website updates and continued online and offline marketing Heywood Heating has been on page one of Google for phrases such as:

‘Plumber in Ealing’

‘Plumber in Chiswick’

‘Ealing plumber’

‘Boiler Ealing’

“WFT has been doing our social media and SEO for 2 years now.

I am very impressed with what WFT has done for us so far.
The existing SEO company could not get me on to the first page of google but Jack managed to get us into the top 3 on the first page within 3 months.
The social media posts are clever and memorable and he has also rebuilt my website which has made a big difference. I would 100% recommend WFT to anyone.”

Heywood Heating

“New 30+ page website within 2 months and ranking page 1 on Google for over 15 pages” – Current Electrical

Start your website. Having a good website is a guaranteed way of being seen online, whether on a desk top computer or on a smartphone! It can help you promote your services and products in a professional way, unique to you and what you do.