If your not winning work on social media then it’s either time you started paying a bit more attention to it or you let us manage it for you, because one thing is for  . And if you are then sure; you should be winning business online great.

Paid advertising, stand out content and all created by a graphic design specialist with over 10 years experience.

 Why is social media important?

You think the hard work is over once your website is built. Wrong. You’ve basically built the house and haven’t found a buyer. What does that mean. It means you’ve built a nice shiny new website but no one is seeing it. How do you get more traffic to your site. The answer is social media!

Social media

If your company hasn’t got a social media platform then you are stuck in the dark ages. Websites For Traders can set your accounts up for you and can manage your sites including paid adverts. Paid adverts are a great way to target a certain area and demographic. 


Running adverts on social media are relatively inexpensive for your return. They are a great way to get more traffic to your site and this will help with ranking well on Google.

Did you know … More than 85% of Facebook’s Ad revenue comes from mobile

Around 80% of searches for traders are done on mobile

Having a mobile friendly site is an absolute must have in 2020. Research shows around 80% of people search for local tradesman on their mobile and on Google. That’s why for Websites For Traders both of these elements are an absolute must have. 



More than 85% of Facebook’s Ad revenue comes from mobile

Quite an astounding number when you think about it. What we love about this fact is that it shows it’s not just about the platform but which device your potential customer is using.  Facebook have many paid advertising options that work well on both desktop and mobile. It’s not just Facebook that do well on mobiles; 69% of searchers that are on mobiles call a business straight from a Google search. Our Paid Ads campaigns take all this into account when we develop our strategy for getting you noticed on the Internet.



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