A new website should be your new tool

When it comes to standing out from your competitors online, having an excellent website can really benefiit your business. A lot of websites these days are built using Yell.com or other similar comapnies.  Which can be a solution if you don’t mind about your companies overall brand image.

If you really want to grab the attention of your customers and online peers then a new website should be the new tool in your business. 

Why do you need a new website?

  •  Show all of your work online
  • Look like a professional trustworthy company
  • Websites offer a better return on investment than any other form of advertising.
  •  If you’re planning to market your business, a website should be your first priority.
  •  Over time the relatively low investment of getting a business website will pay dividends by driving you new customers
  •  You cant build an online presents and brand without a website.

Page 1 Google Ranking

Within 3 months Heywood Heating went from page 3 to page 1.

With constant website updates and continued online and offline marketing Heywood Heating has been on page one of Google for phrases such as:

‘Plumber in Ealing’

‘Plumber in Chiswick’

‘Ealing plumber’

‘Boiler Ealing’

Start your website. Having a good website is a guaranteed way of being seen online, whether on a desk top computer or on a smartphone! It can help you promote your services and products in a professional way, unique to you and what you do.